MIDAS 2005 Release 1                                Release Date: Feb.15, 2005

 Purpose: General Enhancement for MIDAS Shovel System





MIDAS Desktop for Shovels


See Below

Report for Shovels


Complete Graphic Redesign

Thermal Analysis for Shovels


New Application




 What‘s new for 2005?

 MIDAS Desktop Rev 2.5

New Features include:

  • User Defined Strip Charts
  • User Defined XY Charts
  • Propel 1 & 2 Gauges, Strips Charts, Speed-Torque Plots
  • No more interruption of Hoist and Crowd Functions during Propel switching
  • Redesigned menu functions
  • Easy Links to the Siemens & Bi Web Sites.

  MIDAS Report Rev. 2.0

New Features include:

  • Redesigned Graphics for Easier Viewing
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Updated Help Support
  • Easy Links to the Siemens & Bi Web Sites.


 MIDAS Thermal Analysis Rev. 1.0

This is a new release. Is a complete machine and fleet tool for tracking, display and a guide to predictive maintenance.  Modules include:


 New Communications Configurations

(See “System Configuration Options for Shovels Application Note”)

  • 4 new configurations for the budget or performance oriented customer.


 Coming Dec. 2005

  • Publish your shovel reports to your Intranet
  • Cycle Breakout – Advanced Shovel Analysis Tool


    Desktop Rev 2.5

    New Tool Bar Functions




Configuring the User Defined YT Chart


Pick any combination of Analog and Binary Signals




The Results


User Defined XY

This one showing Machine KW vs. Hoist Speed







Strip Chart

Speed Torque


MIDAS Report


Redesigned Graphics for the time lines capture data in hour segments for improved readability.


Cycle Time Line


Truck Time Line


Other Graphics have improved information and logical groupings for readability.


Utilization Chart


Cycle Time – Ton Distribution



Swing Angle Distribution



MIDAS Thermal Analysis Program


Select the functionality you need!

Find relationships between values.



Text Box:

Look at the fleet with windows varying from months to years.

Build and maintain your Thermal Database with the touch of a button.

Compare the same shovel on different days or different shovels on the same day!!

Examine your shovel in thermal detail down to the minute!!
















Thermal Comparison Module Selection Process



Yields these results





For the Long Term Picture, use Thermal Trending




Detail Down to the minute, with Thermal Detail





Your Thermal Database is built and maintained with the click of a button with Thermal DB Utilities!








Keep the Mine Moving!

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